New site look     August 31, 2003

Hi people! As you see, we have a new site design. The new album "Higher" is already out in Japan and it's coming to be released in Europe in September, so this is the right time for some changes on the site too. The sections are mostly the same as on the old site, some are brand new, some were improved a little bit. Big thanks go to Bryan Toth, who helped me so much with some content, especially he did a great job on the band bio!

On the right side you see the search form. You can use it to search this site and to get anything you're searching for a little bit quickly. If you need to find anything, just type one word to the form and click SEARCH, or press ENTER. For example, if you find Mood Swings album, just type in "mood" (without quotes), click search and you'll get it in a while.
OK, I hope you'll like the new site. Stay tuned!
Dan Friml, the webmaster