Hello again!     April 04, 2009

Dear Scaremites, the site is back, alive and well! After almost one (crazy) year I was finally able to finish the site re-design and update its content. I'm glad I have made it, because it was a lot of work! I hope you like the new look...
From this moment you will find Harem Scarem related news here, news on the band members projects, their new music and everything else you'd like to know!

The fan club and exclusive downloads are back as well, from now they will be updated every two months. Just subscribe to our RSS feed and you will be notified when new stuff is uploaded.
We still don't accept new fan club registrations and also the store is closed for this moment. It could eventually change this year, but it depends on many aspects. I should know more this August.

I'm currently putting final touches on our forum, which should be up very soon as well. Again, subscribe to our RSS feed to have latest updates.

PS: If you're a Fan Club member and you have lost or forgot your Fan Club login info, contact me via e-mail.