Pete's message about the current situation     October 30, 2007

Hey Folks
Dan, you were sorrowly missed at the show.
FF4 was a blast and we want to thank everyone that came out to our shows over the last month, they were good fun.
There's been a lot of shit flying around about what we are or are not doing.
OK... here's the deal.
First off, we are working on the 4 acoustic tracks for Andrew and MR as we speak and I have no idea why anyone would think otherwise.
As far as the final Harem Scarem record, the truth of the matter is that since we have been busier then usual for the last couple months with rehearsing, playing and the usual day to day, we haven't been focused on writing for the record.
Since it is our last time out, we want to do something that we feel strongly about and we're not going to rush the the writing process just to meet a release deadline.
So the record will be postponed until we have the songs.
That being said, we do have some tracks in the works and are writing for it.
I hope this clears things up a bit.