Announcing THE HAREM The Official Harem Scarem Fan Club!     December 08, 2005

Longtime fans of Harem Scarem might remember that the band had a fan club back in the early-mid1990's called The Harem. It was the typical fan club of the era - You'd send in your money and get a band bio, an autographed photo and a few newsletters. After a couple of years, it more or less faded away.
Live At FireFEst 2005

But if you ever found yourself saying "Sometimes I Wish" there was a new Harem Scarem fan club, then your wish has been granted!! Change Comes Around and The HAREM is back and has been updated for the 21st century and is better than ever! Dou want to know more? Read!
For THE HAREM members is now available Live at FireFest 2005 (Official bootleg) in hi-res MP3 format with CD artwork in printable quality.