Harry on the new album     November 01, 2001

I was able to catch up with Harry Hess this week via phone, in order to update you all on the progress of the new Harem Scarem album, which is being recorded currently. Harry was in his usually high spirits and promises a "trademark" Scarem album, with "hooks as prevalent as ever".
The comeback album has the working title of Weight Of The World and is on schedule to be completed at the end of November and released in February 2002. Harry says he is really happy with the results and they are having a lot of fun recording it. In his own words, Harry says the album features "big guitars and big vocals" and is definitely a rock record. He also promised plenty of harmony vocals. Some of the song titles currently confirmed for the album include: All I Want, Outside Your Window, Charmed Life & Killing Me.
Harry added that the songs of this album are of the band's old sound, yet the songwriting has progressed further. "They get to the meat of the song quicker....are more structured hit songs...."
The album is due to be released in Europe by Now & Then / Frontiers. A Canadian release has not been looked at yet and May not even happen.
Harry hopes the band will play some European dates after the release of the album and is also looking at making up for not appearing at this year's Gods Festival, by trying again for the Gods 2002 - the 10th Anniversary of the legendary festival.
In related news, Harry is still planning a solo release, but says it is not a priority for him at this stage and might complete it in the summer of 2002.
In closing, Harry says Harem Scarem is #1!