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FireFest II photoreport
Photo gallery from the Harem Scarem show in Nottingham, November 26, 2005 at Rock City.

Oshawa photoreport
Photo gallery from the Harem Scarem show in Oshawa, November 18, 2005 at The Big Sexy.

Augsburg photoreport
Photo serial from the Harem Scarem show in Augsburg, Germany, June 5th, 2002.

Pete Lesperance signature guitar.

Pete Lesperance signature guitar.

Scrap Book
An archive of articles, reviews, press releases...Simply all the scrap crap printed in various magazines or released around the whole world. All Harem Scarem related...

The band photogallery.

Blind Vengeance
An article originally printed in Metallion Magazine, Vol.1 #4, 1985

Lyrics Library
All lyrics, in alphabetical order.

The site credits
List of people who helped a lot.

The Campaign: Spread the word
Promotion page - banners and buttons you can add to your website.

Archived guestbook
Archived guestbook entries. Our guestbook isn't online any longer, but we kept an archive up just for a nostalgic view into the site history.